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  Macklin Ministries


Macklin Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization that works to provide assistance, to include spiritual, social and educational opportunities to disadvantaged people in our community and otherwise.


Reginal Macklin and Lisa Bowman-Macklin started Macklin Ministries in 1996. Their focus was and still is educational reform, prison reform and social reform.


Lisa was a teacher and then became a principal in the Seattle Public School District. She devoted 25 years of her life teaching, administrating and advocating for the disadvantaged children and youth that she served. Upon leaving Seattle Public Schools in 2001, Lisa went on to open her own school The United Interdenominational Holiness Academy of Excellence in Tacoma, Washington. She now serves as an Educational Consultant and supports parents and children in public and private schools free of charge. Lisa’s background allows her to troubleshoot problematic situations in the classroom and provide advocacy for parents who do not posses the needed skills to assist their own children.


Macklin Ministries provide tutorial sessions; as needed for children who are behind academically, free of charge. We understand the importance of children having the necessary tools to be successful in school. Therefore, each August we host the Back-to-School Giveaway to include backpacks and all other school supplies for the community and local churches.


As the Outreach Pastor of  New Covenant Pentecostal Tabernacle, the Macklins expanded their vision of service and took over the Prison Ministry in 1997. We currently serve in three prisons on a monthly basis. They are: Mission Creek Correction Center in Belfair, WA, Monroe (Twin Rivers) Correction Center in Monroe, WA and the Federal Detention Center in Sea Tac, WA.


The Prison Ministry reform is two-fold. The first is understanding that many inmates are young men of color who came from single-parent households headed by women with very few positive male role-models.


Monthly visitations allow for spiritual impartation into their lives along with the message they are never alone.

It is our goal to remain visibly supportive of them and to demonstrate a caring and nurturing environment at each service.


We opened a Clean and Sober House for men approximately two years ago; which gives them a place to live once they are released from Prison. Additionally, we network with other churches within our community (Shiloh Baptist Church and St. John Baptist Church) to assist females as they are released.


It is our goal to establish ten Clean and Sober/Transitional Houses over the next five years for men, women and families.


We strongly discourage re-offending and are in the grant writing phase to obtain funding for an educational facility, computer lab and monitoring station for released inmates.


Secondly, we clearly understand when a parent is incarcerated, it leaves a big gap in the family structure. Therefore, we are passionate about the children of incarcerated parents and have developed an Angel Buddy Ministry. We gift to these children each Christmas and send the gifts in the name of the incarcerated parent no matter where the family may live in the United States and abroad. In this way the children understand even though that parent is away from the family, they have not forgotten about them.

It is our desire to support them even more by providing monthly meetings to mentor and assist them academically and socially. We would also like to bring in motivational speakers and provide them with “fun” activities like skating, bowling, movies, etc.


Finally Macklin Ministries networks with New Covenant Pentecostal Tabernacle and Bread of Life Outreach Ministry to provide hot meals Monday-Friday and distribute food boxes to needy families on a monthly basis. Due to the recession, many Food Banks are running low on food. This is our way of feeding the community and giving back to those who are in need.

We are a 501C3 organization.  All donations and gifts are tax deductible.