You Must Be Born Again!

Being born again means that your spirit is re-born into a new life away from sin and darkness.

Deciding to be born again is the single most important decision you will ever make.

This decision effects where you will live forever and will effect your "right now."

You are agreeing with God to no longer walk in sinful flesh,

but to walk in the Spirit by learning and doing His Word.

If you sense the Holy Spirit drawing you to be born again,

Pray this simple prayer out loud if you can.

King Jesus, I come to you confessing that I am a sinner.

I ask You to forgive me of my sins and to wash me in Your blood.

Jesus, I give myself completely to You and I will serve You.

I renounce the works of sin and darkness

and I receive Your forgiveness.

Please teach me Your ways.

Please go ahead of me and open doors

and shut doors in my life.

Where You lead me, I will follow.

In Jesus' Name I pray.


Now that you are born again, it is important to be around other believers and to know God's Word.

Fellowship with other believers is important for your growth and will strengthen you.

Learning the Word of God for yourself is vital to your spiritual well being.

This web-site can help, but ask the Lord to guide you to a church that will teach you.

You cannot be a "doer" of God's Word unless you know God's Word.

Understand that you have an enemy who wants to steal what you have just received.

Your power over your enemy IS the Word of God.

No longer walk according to your feelings.

Pray always, because prayer changes everything!

Be glad, because your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life!

Please write us and let us know to pray for you.

You are loved and we serve an awesome God!